"Copy-Paste" much?...

If you - like us - belong to the Homo Sapiens species, you probably don’t enjoy tedious, repetitive work (no offense, fellow primates).

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That is why every time we find ourselves repeating a pattern, we feel a burning desire to either - a. punch someone in the face, or, b. get someone (or something) else to do it for us.
Almost every time we opt for the later, and we just develop automatic tools (Generators) to do the job for us (since it is usually quite hard to find someone else to do our work for us), with the immediate results:

Being software developers, most of our copy-pasting revolves around programming patterns (how many times did you write code following the “State”, “Visitor” or “Factory” patterns?...), but Generators can be used in many other areas, such as legal documents (e.g. rental agreement) or reports of any kind.

Since we want to make this world a little better, we are starting to offer our tools to the general public. We hope you find it useful and we will keep working on additional generators for your enjoyment.

FSM Generator

This is a generator for “Finite State Machines” following the “State” Design Pattern. It is provided as a web service and can generate code in C, C++, Java, C# and even Verilog (!).
It is constantly evolving, so you can expect more features and additional programming languages soon.

We’d love to hear your feedback!

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This generator is intended to be used by companies developing closely coupled Hardware and Software, involving many complex interfaces between different disciplines.

R2A takes as its only input a file defining the structure of Register Files of VLSI blocks and generates code for Verilog, C++ and ‘e’, as well as MS Word documentation.

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More to come

As mentioned above, we keep developing new generators all the time and will soon offer more of them here.
Have any suggestions or requests for specific tools? Do tell us!

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We'd love to hear
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