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One stop shop for generating everything needed for development of VLSI projects

This generator is intended to be used by companies developing closely coupled Hardware and Software, involving many complex interfaces between different disciplines.

R2A takes as its only input a set of files defining the structure of Register Files of VLSI blocks and generates:

Needless to say, by using this generator, software-hardware integration time is reduced to virtually nothing.


Let's say that we want to create a new chip named "NuChip". The functionality NuChip needs to implement is addition and subtraction of two 8-bit integer numbers.

So, the first thing we need to do is design an ALU.

Now the fun part begins: usually, the workflow in this sort of project is as follows:

During the integration and testing phases many bad things may occur. Here are a few (extremely irritating and time consuming) examples:

Let's see what is required to make Hardware and Software development much more easy with R2A:

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▼ Output Files ▼

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